Aquanet Is Proudly South African Company, Specializing in construction of shade and hail net houses.

Our Goal Then And Now Is To Provide Quality On Time Projects That Will Benefit Our Clients. By Saving Them Time, Insurance, And Money.


Ensures the mesh configuration is consistent and stable

Prevents laddering

Prevents unraveling

Flexible and easier to work with

Breathable, prevents hot air from being trapped

Can be automated for climate control

Reduced water consumption

Aquanet Shade Netting


Stops Sunburn

Prevent hail damage

Protection from Wind damage

Protection from Birds and insects


Reducing temperatures

Maintaining humidity

Reducing evaporation

Reducing stress

Enhancing photosynthesis

Improved light dispersion

Positively affects the photomorphogenesis of plants

Our Process

Aquanet has developed a project execution plan based on our clients’ needs. A typical project execution plan consist of the following phases:

Phase1 – Site investigation and cost estimation

Phase 2 – Material Procurement, Site survey and setting out, and site establishment.

Phase 3 – Construction Phase

Our Projects